(Dracmorian UnWorthy) Bellona (Complete)

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(Dracmorian UnWorthy) Bellona (Complete) Empty (Dracmorian UnWorthy) Bellona (Complete)

Post by Bellona on Thu Jun 28, 2018 6:58 pm

Name: Bellona
Race: Unworthy Dracmorian/Shapeshifter
Complexion: Pale skin (Human Form) White Skin (Dragon Form)
Facial Features: Nothing Notable
Eyes: Red (Human Form) Blue (Dragon Form)
Hair: Black straight hair (Human Form)
Height: 5'11
Class: Warrior/Assassin
Abilities: Telepathic in Dragon Form, Able to wield light sword and duel wield daggers, sees things logical, makes plans as if everything is a chess game
Powers: Human Form - Able to use her rage to gain strength in battle
Magic: Dragon From - Able to shoot blue fire balls, able to reach her mind out and connect to others for language.
Companion: N/A
Parents: Abaddon(God of War) Delia(Mother-Deceased)
Siblings: None
History: Conceived by her mother due to her Father's inhibitions. Once the egg was laid, her mother was sent to slaughter, deemed to keep this secret for all entirety. Raised in the shadows by Abaddon until old enough to be sent to his slave rings. Became champion of the Unworthy through the endless drones of combat that was placed upon her. She was forbidden to shift and a spell was cast upon her, binding her abilities of her dragon form. She knew not that she was dragon only that she was unworthy. Told from a young age that she was left at Abaddon's footsteps, that she should be grateful to even have been allowed life and that it wasn't snuffed out.

Centuries passed her by, her long life a blessing and a curse because she was Unworthy in her father's eyes, in the eyes of all those that were deemed worthy. Now the time has come for her to discover herself and prove she was worthy to all. The Elf that cast the spell on her shapeshifting having only recently died due to old age has forgotten to mention that with his death came her released.

She felt the moment, in the middle of the battle ring and she dropped the blade. Her father looking on as if he had nothing better to do. She would some day prove him wrong. With a heavy cry and a fierce determination, her first shift was painful. Once the shift completed, before them stood a majestic deep blue Dragon. It took Bellona a number of tries to figure out how to use this form, but once she had, she leapt into the air and took to the skies. But not before her mind connected with that of her father's. You'll see Father, One day, you'll understand. I am worthy. She flew out of the fighter's ring and towards the castle. She had one thing to take with her and she snatched it up in her jaws after and left the isle.

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