The Forested Plains

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The Forested Plains Empty The Forested Plains

Post by Admin on Sat Jun 30, 2018 8:50 am

The Plains of this Island are home to the herds of horses known as Qitari bred by the Woodland Elves. The island is covered in small woodland areas that creep out of nowhere, that open to the plains and then out into a body of ocean. The only thing connecting this island to any other is a small land bridge the width of a single wagon. It has withstood time and seems as strong as the day the world was created.
The Tranquil Domain is connected to the Forested Plains and this is where the Tranquil Merfolk reside.

Common/Native inhabitants: Wood Elves, Tranquil Merfolk, Abaddon The General(Dracmor Manor)
Uncommon Inhabitants/Regular visitors:
Unheard of Races: Daum


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