(Wood Elf) Jansaadi Carvalur (Complete)

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(Wood Elf) Jansaadi Carvalur (Complete)

Post by Jansaadi on Sun Apr 29, 2018 3:17 pm

Name: Jansaadi Carvalur
Race: Wood Elf
Complication: A pale milky white with a hint of earth undertones in the light of the moon.
Facial Features: Smooth skin, no flaws seem present aside from a scar under her left eye.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'4
Class: Ranger
Abilities: Tracker, Hunter, Able to recognize different plants and their uses.
Powers: Can telepathically speak to Acantha, Acantha is able to use a small amount of magic to allow Jansaddi to see through her eyes-should it be vital
Magic: Minor Healing Abilities
Companion: Shalkat Female, 2 years of age: Acantha
Parents: Conrador and Isela
Siblings: Jouewl
History: Jansaadi was the first born to Conrador and Isela, a prestigious family of Wood Elves known throughout their race as one of the top breeders of horses. Even other races were now purchasing offspring of these beautiful creatures. Janasaadi though did not want to follow in her parents footsteps and instead choose a different path, leaving the family business in the hands of her younger brother Jouewl.

Jansaadi, learned how to read the land, learned how to protect their environment and even learned some basic magic to help heal the plants and some minor wounds on animals and other people as well.

With the time coming for her to choose a life partner and settle down, she has instead chosen to embark on a journey of discovery. Discovery of herself, her world, and the stories that lie within and around the world that she calls home. The world of Anora. With her companion Acantha at her side and her trusty stead, Mal, she is bound to learn a few things.

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