Rules of the World of Anora!

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Rules of the World of Anora! Empty Rules of the World of Anora!

Post by Admin on Sat Jun 30, 2018 8:01 pm

1.  Must be 13 years of age or older.

2.  Real Life comes first.  We understand that things and plans do come up.

3.  NO DRAMA PERIOD! - If you are coming to our board to cause drama then you have come to the wrong place.  First Offense - verbal warning by Admin, Second Offense - 24 hour account suspension from Anora, Third Offense - Permanently Banned from Anora.....No Exceptions.

4.  Meta-gaming and Godmodding is not allowed. You must be able to provide proof and show in character that you have received any important information in regards to other player's characters and plots.  DO NOT USE INFORMATION FROM CHARACTER BIOS UNLESS GIVEN PERMISSION BY PLAYER.

5.  Please use proper Grammar and Writing on Anora at all times.

6.  Posting minimum is two paragraphs.  Each paragraphs containing a minimum three sentences.

7.  Always remember that what your character does on Anora may carry consequences with them.  Make sure that you are more than willing to place your character in certain situations without issue.

8.  Admin have final authority on Anora!  Entering threads, changing rules and updates accordingly.

9.  If a dispute happens.  Both parties will take a minimum 24 hour hiatus from Anora for a cool down period and then try to talk out their issue.  If this does not help then an Admin will step in to assist.


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