(High Elf) Raystlin (WIP)

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(High Elf) Raystlin (WIP)

Post by Raystlin on Sat Jun 30, 2018 9:38 pm

Name: Raystlin Morrow
Race: High Elf
Complexion: Tan to almost dark complexion
Facial Features: Youthful, no scars, perfect skin
Eyes: Piercing Dark Brown
Hair: Ear length Black hair
Height:  5 ft, 9 inches
Class: Bard, Weaponsmith (Swords)
Abilities: Magic taught by his father to construct such extravagant blades and also uses his magic for his singing voice and instrument play
Powers: Can inspire a crowd with his angelic voice, his blades never break due to magic.
Magic: With his blades he infuses the very magic of Anora into each one depending on what the owner desires.  His magic of music is self taught over the hundreds of years.
Companion: Secretly - The rumor is he is a favorite of Lamaia the Lustful.
Parents: Caramon Morrow - High Elf Blade Smith, Arrania Morrow - High Elf Architect

-Born to Caramon the Blade Smith and Arrania the Architect in the House of Morrow in the Capital City of Anora.  Trained personally by his father to use his magic to construct such blades that are known the realm over even to this very day.

But there was a different side to Raystlin and one that his parents could never understand but did allow him to learn on his own.....music.  Not only is Raystlin a Blade Smith he is also a Bard as well.  When his magic flows in his music he is able to capture those before him in such a dance that they forget their troubles and enjoy his magic.

This also brought the attention of one of the Council of Six, Lamaia the Lustful.  Raystlin has done many private performances for her and her entourage within her home many a night and the rumor of the city is Raystlin is one of her favorites and possibly a father to many by Lamaia.  Whether this is true or not remains to be seen.  

But just like the other High Elves, Raystlin carries himself in very high regards and an attitude to match.  All are beneath him that are not High Elven.  Though he has been known from time to time acquire a certain itch of intimacy of other races that he quenches from time to time.

Besides his music he is best know as a Blade Smith and others flock to him despite his fees to make them such blades for their families as heir looms.

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