(Elemental/Dracmorian) Wren (WIP)

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(Elemental/Dracmorian) Wren (WIP) Empty (Elemental/Dracmorian) Wren (WIP)

Post by Wren on Sun Jul 08, 2018 11:07 pm

Name: Wren
Race: Djinn/Dracmorian
Complexion: Pasty
Facial features: N/A
Eyes: Stormy yellow eyes
Hair: Choppy white hair
Height: 5'5
Abilities: Sneaky, able to disapear in plain sight. Persuasion.
Powers: if its a life or death situation he burst into flames 20-30secs.
Able to manipulate the 4 elements in small doses, about the size of his hand.
Companion: n/a
Parent's: Mother (Djinn) Father (Dracmorian)
Siblings: None with Mother, possible with Father.

History: Wren's father had a one night stand with his mother. Whenever Wren asked about him, his mother would always change the subject.

From a young age he always was a outcast so he chose to live like it an accept it though he never liked it. He always thought it was to lonely and boring. One day when he was about 10 he went out exploring and saw a rift in the world and strange people came out. He ran home to his mother. Everyone in their small village fled, some staying behind to fight to give others the chance.

Wren is now nearly 17. The door burst down and those people that haunted his nightmares came tearing through the door. His mother used her abilities and screamed at her son to run and hide. Wren left, running and leaving everything he knew behind. His mother gave him a way out and now he had to live up to a life she wanted for him.

He learned how to blend in, how to steal food, how to survive. He knew not what isle he was on now, only that he had to keep moving

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