[Dragon] Ryiou the Black [WIP]

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[Dragon] Ryiou the Black [WIP]

Post by Ryiou The Black on Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:54 am

Name: Ryiou, the Black

  • Previously known as Ryiou, the Black Death. Also known, to the Sun & Moon Elves, as Zaralight, daughter of the Sun and Goddess of Warmth & Life..... and then Zarlight, son fo the Sun and God of Warmth & Life.

Race: Dragon
Complexion: Black Scales or smooth Alabaster skin. He holds Tribal Markings, scars etched into his skin telling his life's story. They become black tattoos in his humanoid form.
Facial Features: In Dragon & Dragonkin forms Ryiou has the typical look of a dragon with a long snout, slitted pupils and almond-shaped eyes. As a human he looks distinctly Asian, to humans, keeping his almond-shaped eyes and slitted pupils.
Eyes: Purple with a slitted pupil in all forms.
Hair: In Dragon & Dragonkin forms, none. As a human, he has black hair which is shaved close to his skin at the sides and kept longish on top.

  • Dragon: H 18"02'; L 36"04'
  • Dragonkin: H 10"05'
  • Human: H 5"11'

Class: Fighter
Abilities: Unhanded combat. Bladed combat; katana, saber, scimitar, and daggers. Survival skills. Hunting & gathering skills. Basic field medicine.
Powers: Shapeshifting (Dragon/Dragonkin/Human). Elemental Breath (purple fire). Telepathic Speech.
Magic: Primal Dragon Magic, which powers his shapeshifting as well as his Elemental Breath. Scorched Blade; his katana, which came over with him, enchanted to hold his flames should he breathe upon it for 15 minutes at a time.
Companion: N/A
Parents: Shirefra; mother, deceased. Covus; father, deceased.
Siblings: Many either killed or in their Final Sleep.
History: Ryiou was hatched into an old, longstanding Tribe. The Eternal Day and Night Tribe, or The Eternal Tribe as most called them, were a religious tribe dedicated to the Old Gods - or merely The Gods at this time in history. They held to tradition and were known to be a noble tribe with respect for all Races, even Humans. While they kept mostly to themselves they did not ignore the calls of others. Such was the society that gave Ryiou Life and Purpose.

Life can be cruel. In the time prior to Ryiou's birth Dragons mated only as they wished and hatchlings grew up without fear. That changed rapidly after Ryiou reached adulthood. They had heard rumors of it, seen it touch other Tribes, but until it reached their shores? The Eternal Tribe still held onto their long beliefs. It was great loss and sadness that a young optimistic warrior had his dreams dashed. The Dragon Hunts were horrendous as Humans found ways to block a Dragon's access to Primal Magic. Ryiou had twenty siblings, fighters, healers, magic users and caregivers alike. One by one Ryiou watched them die. Killed in battle, or hunted.

Slowly the Tribal Markings went from hopeful aspirations to a bloody, sad history upon his skin. Siblings, lovers and, most saddening of all, his own children were killed. Denied their right to the Final Rest. Even his own parents eventually had their lives cut short.
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