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The World of Anora Empty The World of Anora

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The World Of Anora

At one time there had only been the one world. A world where magic was a part of everyday life. Where mundane people and creatures lived side by side with magical people and creatures. However, change is inevitable. Jealousy and fear began to spread among the non magical people toward those with magic. Jealousy and fear for the abilities they held and the magic that was a part of them.

Generations passed as these people multiplied until a war broke out between magical and non magical races. Many died on both sides, but none more than the magical races who, more often than not, were peaceful people who abhorred such senseless violence and often did not fight back.

Then the greatest magical beings of the time, chief among them Merlin and Vivienne as well as some of the oldest Fae and Dragons, banded together. With great amounts of magic spent they removed themselves and magic from the world. Moving it into another dimension. In doing so they stripped Earth of all its magic leaving a mundane world to a mundane populace.

So Anora was born. A magical world in the dimension they created at great cost; the sacrifice of the very lives that created Anora.

Still, there is a connection between the dimensions. Leaving little rifts those in Anora still strive to find and close. It is through these rifts the non magical people, called Mundanes, come into Anora and leave by them. Not all of these Mundanes have good intentions. Having established an underground slave trade. Kidnapping the many creatures and beings of Anora to sell as the play things to those back on Earth.

It is a sad existence for those stolen away. Living in a world devoid of all magic is a sentence of death. A slow death as the magic within them slowly fades away without replenishment. Weakening them until all that is left is a near lifeless husk without any will to survive left. Often the creatures of magic simply lay down and let themselves die of hunger and thirst. Only beings living beyond as they are forced to eat and drink.

Can they regain life once returned to Anora? No one knows, for one such as these has never been returned home…

Anora is a magical Realm of floating islands, each Island has become its own ecosystem. The lives on each island, from the animals to the races that reside, all have become individuals where once the races were whole, now there is division. Can they all work together to keep the peace of Anora? Can they put aside the thousands of years that have passed to help the threat that looms in the distance?  

Anora is home to as many languages as it is people, but a common tongue does exist. Whether it was created and spread by traders or diplomats long ago or was the result of some magic intended to unite the people is unknown.

Anora’s islands are connected by small land bridges or magical portals to and from each location. How you travel is up to you.

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