The Dark Island

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The Dark Island

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Its unique position leaves the Dark Island in near eternal darkness. It is this that has led to it becoming to home to the night loving creatures of Anora, most especially the vampiric races. The people of this island are reckoned to be some of the most dangerous in all of Anora, with the Jinn being among the least likely to attack on first sight (they prefer tricks and other troubles).
The Blue Abyss is situated on the Dark Island and is home to The Blue Abyss Merfolk.
The Night Elves and the Lady of the Depths (and her followers) reside on this Island as well.

Common/Native inhabitants: All Dracmorians, Night Elves, Blue Abyss Merfolk, Jinn Elementals, Ravana(Nightwind)
Uncommon Inhabitants/Regular visitors:
Unheard of Races: Daum


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