(Dracmorian Worthy) Dagon Dracul (WIP)

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(Dracmorian Worthy) Dagon Dracul (WIP) Empty (Dracmorian Worthy) Dagon Dracul (WIP)

Post by Dagon on Thu Jun 28, 2018 6:12 pm

Name:  Dagon Dracul (Son of the Dragon)
Complexion: Pale
Facial Features: Young, chiseled, long hair, romancing eyes
Eyes: Pale Bule
Hair: Blond
Height:  6 foot
Class: Dark Paladin of Azazel
Abilities:  Swordmanship, Tracking, Loremaster, Lord Protector of his father's realm, Flight
Powers:  Can call forth his pack of wolves to aide him.  Can turn into a black dragon only if his blood is full
Magic:  Blood
Companion: Odyn, black wolf
Parents: Azazel the Dragon (Male) (Lord of the Council of Six),  Lamaia the Lustful  (Female)  (Lady of Desire)
Siblings: Numerous
History:  First born of Azazel and Lamaia.  First of the Worthy.  Born in his father's castle and trained by his father to be his Lord Protector.  Eldest of the Worthy.

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