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Post by Diego Escalona on Sat Jun 30, 2018 9:36 pm

Name: Diego Escalona
Race: Merfolk (Half Charmed & Half Mirrored)
Complexion: Silvery, almost as if the color of the moon took on a humanoid form.
Facial Features: pastel colored tattoos frame his eyes and continue throughout the muscles and planks of his broad chest.
Eyes: Gray/Steele
Hair: Long white locks, though his roots are tinted darker, almost seemingly to blend into his skin tone.
Height: 6'1
Class: N/A
Abilities (Natural): Strength (Merfolk can throw a great white!) Speed (They can swim at unnatural speeds with the use of their fins) Intelligent (Merfolk are known for their intelligence because of how much they are taught before being allowed to surface above the waters alone) like any of the Merfolk race, he can take to the land whenever and for how ever long he chooses, and he can also choose to use either the magic of his Mirrored half or the magic of his Charmed half. (But this is not without it’s consequences) He is naturally good with animals. (meaning, they easily trust, and bond with him)
Powers (Magical): Diego can charm any person he meets, though the change is subtle and noticed only by the person who he is interacting with (IE: his voice, a change in his eyes, the way he moves, the way he acts.) Because of his heritage, (Like others of the Charmed Deep) He can also charm any animal of the ocean, (IE: To calm them during a frenzy, or to fight with him during a battle) Diego can also wield the magic of the Mirrored Sea. He can mirror any animal of the ocean (IE: His tail fin can take on the shape, look, feel, and weight of say a dolphin) when he takes to land, he can mirror that of any humanoid he meets (IE: if he comes across an elemental, he can mirror them by taking on their shape, form, looks and such.)
Weaknesses: Though he is naturally strong, when on land in humanoid form his strength is diminished to the form he chooses to take. The longer time spent out of water, the weaker his magical abilities become. Any form of water, (IE: Splash, rain…etc.) will cause him to lose his humanoid form, turning him back into a merfolk. (he must than be returned to the ocean, at which point he can choose to take a new form, weather permitting of course.) When he is forcefully turned back into his original state, the painful change takes a toll on his body, and he must be in the oceans water for an hour before turning to land. (the waters help to dull the pain and rebuild his energy and strength, so he can transform once more.)
Specific items carried: Diego carries a small vial, usually on a chain around his throat, that contains the water of his home ocean. This vile when drank allows him to recover the strength he loses over time of being on land (Though the effect is not nearly as strong as returning home.) It does allow him to be on land for longer periods of time. When the vile is empty, he has no choice but to return to his ocean (Though the moment he is in his home, his powers are restored) the journey can take hours, sometimes days depending on the distance between oceans, and that nothing under the sea delays his trip. (The waters aren’t always friendly when portal jumping between Anora’s oceans)
Magic: he carries both the magic of the charmed deep and the mirrored sea merfolk but has no other magical abilities beyond what was given to him through ancestry.  A few things to note about Diego's heritage is that when he chooses which magic to use on land he can only use that magic. (IE: If he taps into the magic of the mirrored he will have no magic from the charmed at his disposal and vice versa)
Companion: N/A
Parents: Annalise of the Charmed deep. Though not exactly of royal status, she is a lady of the court. King Alexander of the Mirrored Sea. (Unbeknownst to Diego) He is the bastard child of two scorned lovers, who could not be together. For, who would want one of mixed races to become the heir to a throne?
Siblings: Diego is an only child that he is aware of, will this change as he discovers the truth about his true lineage and who his father is?  
History: Growing up, I always knew I was different. I didn’t have the refined feel or looks of the others around me. I could do things they couldn’t. I could mirror the look of a sea creature and charm them at the same time. The day my abilities began to show that I was indeed of a mixed blood line, was the day my mother Annalise finally told me the truth. Mostly. I was neither a true Charmed mer-child, nor was I a true Mirrored mer-child. I was mixed of both races. When I asked who my father was, my mother simply shook her head and refused to tell me. Stating to my young mind, that it would be better if I did not know the truth. I believed her then. Why argue with the woman who had raised and loved me without the help of a man, my father at her side? Because I was of mixed heritage I spent my childhood teased and bullied for being different. I often found myself alone, without friends to speak of. Unless like myself, you counted the creatures of the ocean. In them I found my solace. At a young age I discovered the portals that allowed the merfolk to travel between the oceans of our world, and I began to sneak out jumping from the ocean my mother raised me in, to the ocean I knew my father would be a part of. Instead of being in school like most children my age, I spent my days wondering the ocean of the Mirrored Sea, looking for anyone that perhaps knew of whom my father might be. But, either people didn’t know, or they refused to admit to the truth, so I always came up empty handed in my quests.
My needs were always met by the man who chose to stay in the shadows of my life. I grew up comfortably in a home well taken care of with my mother, but I grew up always thinking something was missing. The older I became, the more I thirsted for the knowledge hidden from me through childhood. The more I found myself yearning to learn the identity of a man who cared for me, but never showed himself to me. Because of this thirst, I eventually found myself spending more time among the people of the mirrored sea than in the ocean my mother raised me in. Through this adventure, I learned the other half of who I am. I learned to yield, control, and embrace the magic of the Mirrored Sea. Though I was never widely excepted among either race because of the blood that ran through me, I became merely tolerated. I learned to isolate myself from the hate of those who could not except both sides of me a whole.

I am a free spirit; no ocean is truly my home except on the rare occasions I return to see my mother. For she, is the only one that has ever truly excepted me for who I am. But, she understands why I do not stay. She has always understood why I’ve chosen to live the life of a wander, searching for where I belong among my people. Today, I went to visit her. I haven’t been home in the span of a year, nothing has changed really. People still sneer in my direction, but they keep their comments to themselves. The last time I came home, I broke someone’s fin by tossing them half way across the ocean floor and into a very large boulder that had in the decades of Anora’s time been buried among the sands of the underwater world. I had indeed received some very deserved backlash for my actions. In my defense, the other man had made some disgusting comment about my mother (I will not repeat the words) and how I was a dirty tainted mud blood who should have been murdered at birth. You don’t talk about my mother. He was lucky all he got was a broken fin. I got a year’s banishment from the ocean of my birth.  I’d do it all again. The year away taught me that I could indeed find love, albeit in the arms of a different woman (or man) almost every night. I quickly became known as a man-whore among everyone of Anora. Not that I could argue. I embraced it, relished in it. And soon, found that through this reputation I didn’t give a damn about who my father was. I didn’t need him to make a name for myself. I found it easier to build a wall full of resentment and hate toward the man that had for decades hidden himself without a word among the shadows of my life, and I realized that was fine by me.
Today with my mother, she gave me a letter. It is sealed with a very official, very familiar seal. Anyone who had spent time in the mirrored sea, recognized the seal. Even me. A tad puzzled as to why someone of such high rankings would contact myself or my mother, I took the letter from her out stretched hand. Though, for the life of me I can’t seem to figure out why taking that letter caused my heart to race in ways that normally only the touch of a lover would cause. Quickly I set the letter down. Unable to open it. My mother and I spoke and filled each other in on our year apart before finally we both realized there was nothing left to speak about aside from the letter laid between us. And that is when I fled. Letter in hand once more, I darted. That was 5 years ago, I still haven’t opened the letter. And I haven’t faced my mother. Something tells me the letter holds all the answers I spent my entire life searching for, but another part of me the part that has learned to cope without the missing piece isn’t ready to face the truth, or at least not the truth of why this letter has the still unbroken seal of the mirrored sea kingdom melted into it.
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